A lighting assessment evaluates how much energy your lighting systems consume and recommends improvements that can be made to lower your energy bills.

Our lighting auditor will determine the energy efficiency of your current lighting systems to determine how and where your energy bills could be reduced by replacing or retro-fitting with new energy efficient lights.

Our Lighting Assessment will:

  • Detail all of our findings including a list of current light fixtures and lamps.
  • Recommend appropriate energy efficient replacement fixtures and  lamps.
  • Provide cost estimates and projected savings for potential replacements/or retrofits.
  • Identify potential grants, credits, or other rebates that could help offset the costs of implementing the recommended energy efficient lighting.
  • Complete quote for the entire project including all fixtures, lamps, materials, and labor, plus the paperwork to complete the incentives request.

Our goal is to provide a complete Turn-key project from start to finish.  We make the project easy for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of reduced utility bills and better lighting with the least amount of effort.

What is The Value of a LIGHTING ASSESSMENT?

A lighting assessment will help you decide how to invest in your lighting improvements to gain the maximum energy savings for your dollar. The cost of the new lighting may be partially offset by utility company grants and energy efficiency tax credits available today. You can then enjoy improved lighting and reduced utility bills year after year. Contact us for a price quote.

 Various Completed Retro-fits

$ Cost



All Fluorescent 2,300 455 620
YMCA Pool      11,000        7,115      5,300
Bank Branch      11,000        4,150      4,750
Warehouse    102,000      45,000    49,700
Laundromat        4,300        1,450      1,050
Lumber Yard        7,900        1,790      2,200
Legion Hall        7,400        1,300      2,060



Contact us and we will arrange to have one of our lighting energy analysts schedule a time with you to visit your building and conduct a thorough inspection of the building’s lighting systems. You can request more information by filling out the Contact Form with your information.