Looking to build, or just tired of that ever-increasing electric bill?  Superior Energy Solutions is your answer.  We can install a solar system, small wind turbine, or solar thermal to help reduce those utility bills.  Installing a system makes sense for everyone, young or wise.  Electricity rates have been increasing at an unprecedented rate with no end in sight.  JP Morgan estimates the average retiree is spending 8% of their income on energy alone today.  If you were to install a system today, on average in 7-10 years you could be making additional income while being retired and not having to do any work.  As a homeowner you would be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit for both wind or solar.  If you install solar, you’re eligible to sell your SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) that you produce, making you additional income every month.  A solar system would be maintenance free and the mounting hardware is very versatile.  Superior Energy Solutions could install a ground-mount system tall enough so you could walk right underneath it, creating an abundance of shade for enjoying those nice sunny days.  The 25 year warranty takes the worries right out of it as well.  Per Forbes, 8-1-11, homeowner’s recover 97% of investment cost at the time of sale compared to a 60% recoup of a luxury kitchen remodel.  Call Superior Energy Solutions today.  That call will start you down the road of additional income while lowering your electric bill.  Click here to contact us.

How can Superior Energy Solutions Help the Farm?

Superior Energy Solutions has the knowledge and experience to make the installation process from start to finish worry free for the owners.

We’ll take care of all paperwork involved and install a turn key system so the owner never has to set anything up.

By installing a solar array or wind turbine right on your property, you can control your energy costs at a time of ever-increasing rates and help the environment so that future generations of farmers will be started on a good foundation. By installing a solar array or wind turbine right on your property, you will be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation, and on average a 5-7 year return on investment (10-12%). The USDA is also accepting applications for the USDA REAP grant, which would reduce your total installation cost by 25% if approved. Call today and Superior Energy Solutions can get the process started.  Click here to contact us.

Overhead costs seem to keep going up?  Feel like you’re strapped down by that pesky monthly electric bill?  Let us do something about it.  Superior Energy Solutions can help with your energy management.  One of the biggest factors of overhead costs is energy.  Superior Energy Solutions can give you a full proposal on how to control those costs.  To help deal with any upfront costs associated with energy management Superior Energy Solutions can help find financing and incentives, everything from 30% federal tax credit to accelerated depreciation.  We can work with your electric company from selling SREC’s produced from a solar array to rebates your utility company may offer.  Control your energy costs so that you can spend more time on sales leads and less time worrying about overhead costs.  Lowering your overhead costs can lead to better pricing vs. the competition and raising your sales and increasing that profit margin.  Lower that bottom line, call Superior Energy Solutions today.  Click here to contact us.