Solar Thermal systems utilize the sun to create hot water. The hot water can them be used in the building to replace or supplement standard water heating systems within the building: • Domestic Hot Water (showers, dishwashing, laundry)
• Air heating for central HVAC systems
• Radiant Floor Heating (Garage or Shop concrete floor tubing heat, house heating under floor)
• Pool Heating 9Eralier Spring pool opening and later Fall pool closing)

How Do I Start a Solar Thermal Installation?

After a free site evaluation, our trained thermal solar analysts will:
• Provide cost estimates and projected savings for your installation.
• Identify potential grants, credits, or other rebates that could help offset the costs of implementing the recommended solar thermal installation.
• Complete the quote for the entire project including all fixtures, lamps, materials, and labor, plus the paperwork to complete the incentives request.
Our goal is to provide a complete Turn-key project from start to finish. We make the project easy for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of reduced utility bills and better lighting with the least amount of effort.

What is The Value of a Solar Thermal Installation?

The cost of solar thermal installation may be partially offset by the 30% energy efficiency tax credits from the Federal Government, and possibly by the utility company or other grants that are available today. A solar thermal installation will help you reduce your energy costs. This is the result of reducing the amount of electricity or gas that you need to buy from the utility companies. You can then enjoy reduced utility bills year after year. Contact us for a price quote.

How Do I Schedule Site Evaluation?

Contact us and we will arrange to have one of our solar analysts schedule a time with you to visit your home or other building and conduct a thorough evaluation of the building’s energy usage, as well as the potential for solar gain at your location. You can request more information by filling out the Contact Form with your information.